Arotek Scientific Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Gold Refinery Jewelry Industry Testing Machines

    CECM Centrifugal Casting Machine
    SMF Chain Motor Tilting Silver Melting Furnace
  • Centrifugal Casting Machine
  • Silver melting furnace with motor tilting system is designed for 30-50kg. which is suitable for melting and making the precious metal ingot like gold,silver,copper etc. With speedy melting peroid in 3-5min per batch gained popular in market. When melting process is done, you just press the tilting button, the furnace body will turn over by the motor running.
    VCM Gold Bullion Vacuum Casting Machine
    GMF Gold Melting Furnace
  • Gold Bullion Vacuum Casting Machine is designed for those ingot casting of gold, silve or other precious metal on basis of the customized mould. In the process of metal heating, The machine can vacumm pumping or inert gas inflate to make the gold or silver ingot surface looks more bright and smoothy, and without any oxidized or other loss.
  • Patented designed Gold Melting furnace has the melting capacity varies from 1kg to 100kg,Which is stable &reliable. It is applied in melting non-ferrous metal,especially for precious metal melting,such as gold,silver,platinum. The Simens PLC control system is optional to meet your strict requirement. You can also equip the temperature controller ,Blowing Mouth,Travel Switch...Etc
    GSCG Gold Silver Copper Granulator
    JVPM Jewelry Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine
  • The granulating machine is used to produce master grains and alloy grains, starting from raw material molten by induction heating, and then poured into a water tank passing through a multi-hollowed crucible that acts as flow breaker.
  • Jewelry Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine
    PMF Platinum Melting Machine
    CCM Precious Metal Continuous Casting Machine
  • Platinum melting machine is a brand new product severally developed by our company, principally used in melting precious metals, such as platinum,palladium ,stainless steel or the alloys of those metals. This platinum melting machine can reach temperature of 2000C Degrees astronomer during a very short time (about 900 centigrade beyond the precious metal temperature ) . It adopts the foremost sturdy and lasting quartz pot within the market with a quick smelting time (within a pair of minutes).
  • Precious Metal continuous casting machine is designed for those need special shaping products of precious metal like sheet pull, tube pull, wire pull etc on basis the mould you have. The machine have the argon gas protection which can prevent metal oxidization and loss. The end products draw out is down pulling direction, and this method adopt can let the products reach more further length.
    RBO Rotary Burnout Oven
    SAPM Semi-automatic Pressurized Jewelry Casting Machine
  • Rotary Burnout Oven
  • Semi-automatic Pressurized Jewelry Casting Machine
    UCCM Small Upward Continuous Casting Machine
    PMM Vacuum Gold Powder Making Machine
  • Small upward casting machine is ideal for the production for gold, silver, copper wires, sheets, or tubes, with the outstanding properties of high conductivity and good drawability. Our Continuous caster have been designed with the most up-to-date technoloy to give you semi-finished production with the best quality in the shortest time.
  • The vacuum powder making machine is used to produce high quality and homogenous master grains and alloy grains, and also the powder, starting from raw material molten by induction heating in a protective atmosphere, and then When casting the powder, will adopt the high pressured water gun to break the molten metal into fine particle.