Arotek Scientific Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Package Testing Machines

    AI-121 Box Compression tester
    AI-117/A Coefficient of Friction Tester, Motor Coefficient of Friction Tester
  • ISO 12048, ISO 2872, ASTM D4169, TAPPI T804,
  • This is used for testing strength of large packing materials, such as carton, foam, Styrofoam, etc. It simulates how boxes react under large force, which is a important test in Logistics/Warehouse management. AI-121 has multiple sensors so that it can provide test results that is closer to real situation; Upper compression platen can switch between U-joint or Fixed platen, allowing users to adjust base on their needs. Display on the controller can analyze basic test data, and show graph.
  • TAPPI T-815, ASTM D202
  • Put specimen on the platform, and then put dead weight on the top of specimen according to standard requirement. Let platform angle goes up until the deadweight slides down. Get the tan value from initial slide angle. The tan value represents surface static friction coefficient. Testers also have motor type with angle steadily go up and automatically stop function.
    AI -116 Digital Bursting Strength Tester
    AI -1043-M010 LCD Monitor Carton Packaging Compression Tester (20KN)
  • ISO-2759, GB/T 6545, JIS-P8112, JIS-L1018, ASTM-D2210, TAPPI-T403
  • The Bursting Strength Tester uses oil pressure to break specimen through rubber film to obtain specimen break strength value. Bursting resistance strength is a very important characteristic for paper, leather and textile, etc. Bursting Strength Tester is equipped with our newest D1 controller, touch panel will show real-time data and graph simultaneously to help users easily control test condition and do after test statistical analysis.
  • ISO 12048 ISO 2872 ASTM D4169 TAPPI T804 GB T4857-4 JIS Z212
  • This model is designed for test large LCD screen packaging materials such as Styrofoam or other materials package container to proceed with whole carton compression strength test. Load measuring adopt three-point bottom plate induction, large size and capacity can be customized to make servo system more accurate. Besides, we also provide the software as optional purchase, the software can connection to control machine to proceed with various tests and analysis, it also can show test force and displacement of diagrams simultaneously during test.
    AI-104H MIT Folding Endurance Tester
    AI-102 Water Absorption Tester
  • TAPPI T423PM, ASTM D2176, JIS P8115, GB/T 2679.5, ISO 5626
  • MIT Folding Endurance Tester is for testing the material's folding endurance strength, the machine can test the available bending times when the material bears the tension and bending angle (from +135 degree to -135 degree normally). The common test material includes aluminum foil, copper foil, paper, ductile circuit board and so on. AI-104A can also support the bending time test for conductive break circuit material and measure the times sample bend and break. AI-104A is equipped with 5" touch screen which can support bending speed, bending times and estimated test period. The machine will auto stop and display the test times while detecting the break or unable to conduct electricity of the sample.
  • TAPPI T441, JIS-P8140
  • Moisture absorbency is the important characteristic of paper and it tests on various (treated or untreated) of paper and cardboard material which absorption of water, oil, etc. The specimen is fixed on QC-102 of 100cm² of test range and pours liquid which specimen can be absorbed completely. Then pour off the excess water and use the balance to measure absorbed before and after of weight difference which can calculate water absorption.