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Surface Tension Testing Machines

    AI-M023 Electric Pencil Hardness Tester
    AI-621H Surface Hardness Abrasion Tester
  • ASTM D3363, ECCA T4, MILC27 227, NEW5350, SIS184187, SNV37113, JIS-C3003/D0202
  • According to Wolff Wilborn standard, this tester is designed to measure the coating surface hardness scrape-resistance, applied to experiment analysis or control production quality, suitable products including oil painting, furniture, car, cell phone, notebook, language translator, digital camera, etc. It is fast and easy to test single or double layer baking varnish.
  • This is used for measuring surface treatment such as painting, plating, coating, dyeing and finishing the design of the machine. It can use cotton, sand paper, steel wool and eraser to test specimen of wear condition. This tester can cater various different standard of requirement to set condition for testing such speed, stroke, specimen appearance, abrasion head and load.
    AI-621K Surface Hardness Abrasion Tester
  • Its main purpose is to test surface treatment of fastness, hardness and wear resistance of characteristics. Like painting, plating, coating and dyeing of treatment of wear and fade conditions. It usually uses white cloth, sand bar, steel wool of wear specimen material. Stepper motor drive uses constant velocity friction with traditional harmonic game by test stroke limit agencies. It also can base on various standard requirements to set up test condition. Like speed, stroke, specimen shape, abrasion head type and load.